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20 - Nov - 2015

Quick and responsive tyre repair and replacement

Motorbike Bridgestone

Bridgestone Motorbike Tyres in Aylesbury

Bridgestone Battlax Radial Tyres

Bridgestone Battlax Radial Motorbike Tyres

Incorporating technologies derived from Bridgestone's MotoGP participation, the Battlax BT-014 radial series is designed to maximise the street performance of hyper-sport replica motorcycles. The new range brings all-round improvements in wet and dry handling, grip, stability, durability and rider appeal.

New tread compounds and carcass constructions are used on both front and rear models - the latter having a Cap and Base construction. That is an underlying layer that provides more effective shock absorption. For optimal linearity, the complementary patterns employ a mix of groove directions to control deformation over a wide range of camber angles and speeds.

Bridgestone's HTSPC (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord) steel Mono Spiral Belt (MSB) construction gives increased compression stiffness to the casing of the rear BT-014, which reduces deformation in the contact patch of the tyre. In addition, strengthened bead reinforcement increases the resistance to lateral deformation. Because the tyre is less affected by load variations, shape recovery is faster - resulting in higher stability during cornering and at straight-line speeds.


Dual Belt Construction

The Battlax BT-012SS rear tires are built with a revolutionary Dual Belt Construction to maintain a high level of grip, rotation power, and shock absorption. A Dual Belt Construction, which means that one belt on each shoulder is on top of the Kevler Mono Spiral Belt, improves both corner grip and manoeuvrability. The centre area inside the tire is left open to improve straightway stability.

Silica Rich Compound

By using the new Silica Rich compound in rear tyres, BT-012SS offers enhanced grip in wet conditions and low temperatures, ensuring excellent handling from the moment the motorcycle starts moving. The new Silica Rich Compound also provides more consistency and longer lasting grip.


3D CTDM is Bridgestone's newest automated tyre design technology. The leading-edge 3D CTDM program enables Bridgestone to conduct dynamic, three-dimensional simulations and analysis of tyre performance and to find optimum solutions at all lean angles.

Pattern by 3D C.T.D.M.

The tread patterns are designed using 3D CTDM, incorporating smoother curves to minimize hydroplaning in wet conditions. The front tyre's pattern was designed to maximise high-speed stability while minimising vibration. The rear tyre has high negative ratio to enhance cornering grip and cornering stability.

Profile by 3D-C.T.D.M.

The convex tyre profiles give quicker and lighter handling in tight corners. The 3D CTDM designed profiles maximise the lateral stiffness (grip) and maintain linear contact pressure at all lean angles (handling).

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